Breakfast: Carb-free porridge!

My mum has shown me her recipe for a healthy, carb-free porridge. After struggling to lose the little extra weight carried on the hips, she’s found noticeable results from a carb- and sugar-free diet. This is a lot less terrible than it sounds! She has a degree in nutrition but is in no way strict... Continue Reading →

Letters to baby 1

Dear baby, The new year begins with fireworks in London to celebrate, according to the Mayor, the city’s relationship with Europe, a knife attack in Manchester, a car driven into New Year’s crowds in Tokyo with intention to kill and abortion legalized in Ireland. You turn your 126th day in the womb. I go home... Continue Reading →

Rotten Luck!

At 21, we are brand new! Ish. After surviving school and puberty and our first jobs and our first travels and leaving home, we continue this adventure with a little more knowledge and experience than we first had at 18, but also a little more breakage. A few grazes and scrapes, a few reminders of... Continue Reading →

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