Breakfast: Carb-free porridge!

My mum has shown me her recipe for a healthy, carb-free porridge. After struggling to lose the little extra weight carried on the hips, she’s found noticeable results from a carb- and sugar-free diet. This is a lot less terrible than it sounds! She has a degree in nutrition but is in no way strict about her health, and enjoys slobbing out with a pile of treats as much as the best of us! I’ve made this porridge every morning since coming home at Christmas and, if I wasn’t pregnant, I’m sure it would keep me filled up until lunchtime.

Coconut oil
Egg – 1 per person
Flax seeds
Milk (I use almond milk)
Coconut flakes
Mixed nuts
Dried fruits/frozen berries of your choice

Recipe: (This is a flexible recipe that you can adjust to your preferences and needs. For example, I have low iron levels so add chopped dried apricots for iron. But you can add anything you like. If you don’t like apple, frozen berries will sweeten it, or even just honey or maple syrup.)

1. Place tablespoon of coconut oil in pan and put on lowest heat.

2. Whisk an egg. Grind flax seeds (about half the seed-grinder for 1 person, fill it for 2-3 people) and add to egg. Add splash of milk if needed.

3. Add mixture to pan. Stir well in order that it doesn’t turn to scrambled eggs! Stir away from heat if any slight lumps of egg form. Then keep stirring on low heat.

4. Grate apple into mixture. I use half an apple for 1 person, 1 apple for 2. Add tablespoon of coconut per person. Stir continuously. Add water/milk for preferred consistency. I chop 5 dried apricots into quarters for me and stir into mixture. Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per person.

5. Stir on hob, adding water/milk until preferred consistency. The longer it’s on the hob the better it tastes as all the fruits cooks into it.

6. Serve in bowl with nuts and seeds. Yummy!

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