Last night I listened to one of Russell Brand’s ‘Under the Skin’ podcasts where he was chatting to Katharine Graves about hypnobirthing. Please give it a listen: https://www.russellbrand.com/podcast/60-birth-feminism-power-with-katharine-graves/

Although having heard of hypnobirthing before, I hadn’t really thought much about giving birth – it still feels fairly distant in the future. I sort of just imagined it would be pretty painful but I’d eventually push it out, as naturally as I could, and that would be that! Which I guess isn’t a bad way to think about it. After all, we’ve been giving birth for all of our existence and with the potential to use medical intervention when necessary, we’re unlikely to be at risk of death. But after listening to this podcast, I thought I might as well try out something that could make the whole thing easier.

Like using meditation – in fact I’ll be trying out Transcendental Meditation tomorrow – to make life better, similar techniques can be used to make birth better. Because most problems in life come down to fear, and it’s apparently the same with birth. But if you can remove fear in birth, it should make things go more smoothly.

Hypnobirthing appears to be breathing and visualization techniques for relaxation. I’ll speak more about it when I’ve tried it out (I’ve found a cheap online course that I’ll purchase next week), but from what I’ve read online it seems we should all give it a go! It should benefit you in pregnancy and labour, and also the health of baby – doing it right can mean a more chilled, potentially better-sleeping baby. So give the podcast a listen and research online – apparently it’s best to start in the second trimester.

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