About Me

I am 21, from Brighton, UK, and expecting my first child.

Recently returned from a year and a half in Paris, under uncommon circumstances, my hobbies currently include: pretending I’m being productive by gazing gormlessly into my laptop screen, crying over the toaster, searching for jobs I can’t have, messenging my ex, and occasional yoga and reading of French novels I don’t understand. Still, this is an improvement on the weeks before Christmas, which were spent feverishly messaging friends for the short-lived endorphins of receiving a response, watching Youtube videos with dead unseeing eyes and suddenly bursting into tears while rummaging in the fridge for cheese.

This blog is to share my experiences of being a young, single, pregnant woman – because I can’t seem to find anything on the web that relates to my life (i.e. not being in a loving couple and stable job).

I hope you enjoy it (and at least one person out there relates to it too!)!

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